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Thank you, Universe!

November 16, 2022 | Brown & Brown Insurance | Thought Leadership

Thank you, Universe!
by Julie Turpin, Chief People Officer at Brown & Brown Insurance

I started practicing gratitude 10 years ago.

Initially, I’d pull out my gratitude journal before going to bed, write and put it away. It was fun. Over time, I got more mature in my gratitude journey. Suddenly, throughout the day, I would notice things to be grateful for all around me. That’s when my whole outlook changed.

Here are two examples. Can you relate? 👇

  • This morning, I was driving to work. Out in the distance, an eagle flew across the sky. I was instantly grateful to have seen it.
  • When I lived in a high-rise condo with elevators and had one of those days where every minute counted, I always thought, “Yes!” if the elevator came as soon as I pushed the button. I was grateful for that small win.

When tuned into the frequency of gratitude, the world is suddenly even more beautiful. Then, when things come into your life that may not be so great, you can find a reason to be grateful for the lessons you learned from those as well.

Living a life of gratitude: FAQs

I will admit that I used to be a complainer. Surrounding myself with other complainers kept the pity party going.

These days, it’s hard to be down or complain when I feel grateful. Feeling negative becomes nearly impossible when you stop to appreciate something small during your long day. Things to be thankful for miraculously start to show up in your life. It’s the universe’s way of saying “Thank you!” to you.

Wondering how to make gratitude a practice every day? Here are the questions I get most often about practicing gratitude:

Q: What’s the best way to start practicing gratitude?

A: Close your eyes and think of something you’re genuinely grateful for — one thing.

Can you get to a place where gratitude is an emotion that wells up within you? When you emit that powerful energy into the universe, it returns to you. Whether it’s an opportunity or a moment and you feel a real connection to your gratitude — there is nothing else quite that big. Gratitude can develop into internal joy. The moments of blissfulness really do come from within.

Q: With the world as crazy as it is today and so much to worry about, how is it possible to maintain a posture of gratitude?

A: When I see things in the world that don’t resonate or make me sad, there are a few things I ask myself:

  • Can I do something about this? Even if small.
  • What’s the wisdom here? If you can’t find the nugget of wisdom, you can’t expect yourself to be grateful. Keep digging.
  • How can I bring light into a dark situation? Some days I can because it’s not mine to fix/solve. On other days, the search is greater.

Know that gratitude is a practice; it’s not perfection. Results that come from a gratitude practice must be developed over time.

In addition, the world can look like it’s manifesting in a place of hate. Gratitude comes from a place of caring and compassion. People feel it when they’re with someone who has developed this special gift.

Q: How can you overcome the initial objection of changing your mindset to one of gratitude?

A: What have you got to lose?

With minimal effort, your life can get better in 5 minutes a day. Everyone can find five minutes in their day — it doesn’t matter how many children you have, how much you travel or how grueling your schedule is. Take those five minutes from your social media time. There’s a proven correlation between joy and gratitude and truly loving yourself.

Q: Ok, so how can you get started?

A: Practice makes perfect.

  • Think of one thing that makes you truly happy. Don’t be tempted to start with kids, pets and family—while sources of joy and gratitude, they can make you unhappy too sometimes. Instead, think: smelling a flower, a walk in nature, a candle-lit bath.
  • Close your eyes for 30 seconds. Think about your experience that always leaves you happy. What is the energy—where in your body do you feel it? Did you feel animation or excitement? That’s what you want to feel when you feel gratitude. That’s the feeling you want to elicit. That’s the feeling you want to feel, and you take that to a gratitude journal. Start there.

Now repeat.

  • Get a journal. It doesn’t have to be an actual notebook. It could be the Notes app on your phone — whatever is realistic!
  • Take a minute to reflect tonight. Write down three things. The processing calms my central nervous system and emits a frequency to the universe.
  • Do it every day. Find things to be grateful for in the world around you. At first, you doubt it. Later, it becomes organic. Watch how the three things find you once you start practicing this.

Q: What tips do I have for maintaining the gratitude practice daily?

A: I have two!

  1. When possible, speak about what you’re grateful for with others. It makes it real. First, I say thank you to the universe all the time. Sometimes I tell people that I keep a gratitude journal and that what they did today will be in my journal entry tonight. That connection is powerful.
  2. There’s something very gratifying about practicing gratitude outside. There’s a connection between the universe and the amazing thing it delivered for me. Something from nature often makes my gratitude journal every day.

Take the plunge: Get started on Thanksgiving

From personal experience, I know Thanksgiving itself can be amazing or challenging. But, regardless of which it is for you in 2022, it is the most thoughtful and spirited day to start a gratitude journal.

Gratitude is a way of life and an attitude that has absolutely changed mine. I hope it does the same for you.


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