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February 2021 Coffee & Compliance Podcasts Now Available

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February 15, 2021 | Brown & Brown Communications | In The Media

Along with Hays Companies (Part of the Brown & Brown Team), we have launched Coffee & Compliance, a podcast discussing today’s important regulatory and compliance topics. The show is hosted by our seasoned compliance professionals, Ben Graves and Nicholas Karls. Listen to learn about the latest in compliance and earn SHRM credit!

Latest Podcast Overviews

We Have Trust Issues

Ben and Nick discuss the who, what, when, where, and why’s of trusts and why plan sponsors need to be aware of the rules surrounding trusts. Topics covered include:

  • When are trusts required, especially under ERISA?
  • What are the exceptions to the trust rules?
  • Why does it matter if an employer accidentally triggers the ERISA trust requirement?

Much Ado About MEWAS
Ben and Nick discuss what exactly a MEWA (Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement) is, what are the compliance concerns around MEWAs, and how employers often inadvertently create them. Topics covered include:

  • The control group rules and how they apply to MEWAs
  • The difference between a fully-insured and self-insured MEWA
  • Common ways MEWAs are inadvertently created 

Listen and earn 1.0 SHRM credit