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Coffee & Compliance Podcast

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November 5, 2020 | Brown & Brown Communications | In The Media

Along with Hays Companies (Part of the Brown & Brown Team), we have launched Coffee & Compliance, a podcast discussing today’s important regulatory and compliance topics. The show is hosted by our seasoned compliance professionals, Ben Graves and Nicholas Karls. Listen to learn about the latest in compliance and earn SHRM credit!

Latest Podcast Overviews

Getting Hip About HIPAA
Ben and Nick discuss protected health information and common mistakes when classifying information as well as administrative requirements under HIPAA. Topics covered include:

  • What is PHI
  • Whether or not the information is PHI when it comes to the plan sponsor
  • Common mistakes when classifying information as PHI
  • Basic administrative requirement under HIPAA
  • A discussion about the minimum necessary standard

Health and Welfare Plan Nondiscrimination Under the Tax Code
Ben and Nick discuss what is considered to be discriminatory under the tax code, who is in the “prohibited” class, and plan design options to help with discrimination issues. Topics covered include:

  • Background information about §105 and §125
  • What’s discriminatory under the tax code
  • Who is in the “prohibited” class
  • Discrimination red flags
  • Plan design options to help with discrimination issues

Listen and earn 1.0 SHRM credit