Downtown Brown & Brown Construction Update: September 2018

October 5, 2018 | Brown & Brown Communications | Community

We are happy to report that heavy equipment and crews have arrived on-site to begin the process of removing concrete, asphalt, and debris to make way for the all-new Brown & Brown Campus.

The concrete crusher, shown in the video above, makes short work of the millions of pounds of concrete and asphalt that have remained on the old car lot for decades. Before breaking down the concrete, the construction crew must rip it out, break it apart, and separate the large pieces of rebar. Once ready, the two-part machine breaks up to 3’ x 3’ chunks of concrete into ping-pong-ball-sized chunks. Remaining rebar is then filtered out for recycling.

Because both concrete and asphalt do not decompose, it can be used for upcoming construction projects that require a base material, like roads, footings, and even home construction.