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Britt Eilhardt and Salman Ansari Featured in HealthTech Magazine on Healthcare Cybersecurity

June 13, 2024 | Brown & Brown Insurance | In The Media

Teammates Britt Eilhardt and Salman Ansari were featured in HealthTech Magazine for their insights on the Insecure Direct Object Reference (IDOR) vulnerability impacting healthcare organizations. The article, titled “The IDOR Vulnerability Explained: What Healthcare Organizations Need to Know,” highlights the urgent necessity for strong cybersecurity protocols within healthcare settings.

IDOR vulnerabilities pose a significant threat to healthcare organizations by potentially compromising access controls for electronic health records and payment systems. Britt Eilhardt, Managing Director of Cyber Risk Solutions, highlighted the susceptibility of healthcare IT systems due to outdated coding practices and weaker access controls. She emphasized the severe consequences of breaches in healthcare, given the sensitivity of patient data.

Salman Ansari, Managing Director for Cyber Risk Advisory, provided expert recommendations on safeguarding healthcare teams from IDOR exploits within platforms like Microsoft Teams. He stressed the importance of multifactor authentication and role-based access controls to mitigate risks associated with external user access.

In conclusion, the article underscores the necessity for ongoing cybersecurity training and proactive measures to protect against phishing and social engineering attacks targeting healthcare providers.

For more details on their insights, you can read the full HealthTech Magazine article here.

This coverage highlights our commitment to enhancing cybersecurity resilience in healthcare and beyond, ensuring the safety and privacy of sensitive patient information.