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Benefits Magazine Featuring Joel Axler: “What Health Plan Sponsors Should Know About the Emerging Mental Health Needs of Youth”

May 1, 2024 | Brown & Brown Insurance | In The Media

Recent insights from Dr. Joel Axler, M.D., National Behavioral Health Leader, shed light on the escalating mental health crisis among today’s youth, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Axler highlights key challenges facing young people, including increased loneliness, academic pressures, and trauma.

Statistics reveal alarming trends, from rising rates of depression and anxiety to a surge in drug overdoses and eating disorders among adolescents. Dr. Axler emphasizes the urgent need for employers and plan sponsors to address these issues comprehensively.

To tackle the crisis, Dr. Axler and Colin Quinn, President of Included Health Communities, outline actionable steps, including ensuring access to quality mental health providers, conducting equity assessments, and promoting flexible working arrangements for parents.

As Mental Health Awareness Month approaches, Brown & Brown Insurance reaffirms its commitment to prioritizing youth mental health. To learn more about the article and its insights, read the full piece here.