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Benefits Breakdown Podcast: September 2021

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September 8, 2021 | Brown & Brown National Employee Benefits Team | Expertise & Resources

It’s no secret; employee benefits are complicated. We are here to break things down and help you build a roadmap for your approach to benefits. Together with our special guests from within the Brown & Brown team of companies, we will explore complex, counterintuitive, and compelling topics that give you a better understanding of the “whys” of the industry. Tune into our latest episodes:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our Employee Benefits team is joined by Scott Horton of Delta Concepts Consulting to discuss ways employers can create a more inclusive and diverse culture in the workplace. Topics covered include:

  • What is DEI and why it is important to focus on it?
  • How all of us can be guilty of affinity bias and not even realize it
  • What organizations should focus on first in DEI plans

New and Innovative Ideas in Employee Benefits

Our team talks about the latest trends and ideas in employee benefits. How can employers evolve to offer creative benefits that their employees need in an ever-changing environment? Topics covered include:

  • Ways employers can be flexible in all aspects of the work environment
  • How will lifestyle spending potentially affect benefit employees?
  • More ways to help your employees with their mental health