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August Coffee & Compliance Podcast

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August 18, 2021 | Brown & Brown National Employee Benefits Team | In The Media

In this month’s episodes of Coffee & Compliance, our Research & Compliance team discusses some of the common health and welfare benefit scams they have seen. Plus, Ben Graves discusses what he has seen in Compliance over the past three decades as he reflects on his upcoming retirement.

Scams and Questionable Practices

The Research & Compliance team discuss some of the common health and welfare benefit scams that they have seen and certain issues that get into a “gray” area. Topics covered include:

  • The prevalence of questionable practices in the industry
  • The ubiquitous 105 scam
  • Practices that are not necessarily questionable or wrong, they are just not clearly compliant

Ben Graves Discusses Compliance Over the Past Three Decades: Ben is Given a Platform from Which to Impart His Wisdom

Nick Karls, Vice President of Regulatory and Legislative Strategy, and Ben Graves, Director of Research & Compliance, discuss Ben’s impending retirement and the things that he has seen over the last three decades. Topics covered include:

  • Advice on how to remain calm in a sometimes challenging industry
  • A tried-and-true approach to dealing with compliance issues
  • Ben’s mentoring and achievements