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    Trade Credit

    Credit Insurance is an effective tool in protecting your company against non-payment of a customer debt. A Credit Insurance policy can provide up to 95% protection of a customer’s open-account debt, allowing your company to extend larger lines of credit with the safe backing of insurance coverage.

    Growing Your U.S.-Based Business

    Credit Insurance Provides you with:

    • Protection of your largest customers’ debt in case of bankruptcy and slow-pay
    • Protection of your total or selected segment of your open-account receivables against bankruptcy and slow-pay
    • Information on potential new customers that request open-account transactions provided to you by the insurance company when coverage is requested
    • Better financing with your bank when borrowing against your receivables

    Expanding Into Foreign Markets

    Export/Global Credit Insurance allows you access to:

    • Large pool of information gathered daily by the insurance company regarding world markets – political as well as economic conditions
    • Protection against Commercial and Political Risks provided under your Credit Insurance policy.
    • Armed with world markets information together with insurance backing of your open receivables you have a competitive advantage in exporting your products