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    National Programs

    The depth and breadth of our insurance knowledge and expertise is nowhere more evident than in our National Programs Division, which has origins dating from the 1970s. Today, this Division manages or administers more than 34 programs that provide a broad spectrum of insurance products and services to a wide variety of customers. In most cases, the insurance carriers that support the programs have delegated underwriting and, in many instances, claims-handling authority to our programs operations. These programs are generally distributed through nationwide networks of independent agents and offer targeted products and services designed for specific industries, trade groups, professions, public entities and market niches.

    Our National Programs Division operations can be grouped into four broad categories:

    1. Commercial Programs
    2. Professional Programs
    3. Public Entity-Related Programs
    4. Arrowhead Insurance Group Programs

    Click here for a complete programs list

    Click here for a complete list of Arrowhead Programs